LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Transducer Sonar Sensor 147 Feet Water Depth Finder LCD Screen Echo Sounder Fishfinder with Fish Attractive Lamp

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★The portable fish finder, with 2.4inch TFT color LCD screen, can detect and display underwater contour, water depth, water temperature and fish size with depth. It has two user modes: WIRELESS/SIMULATION. You can try all functions in simulation mode and go fishing in wireless mode.
★The wireless sonar transducer, with fish attractive lamp, makes it easier to detect fishes. It has a transparent replacement cover, so you can see where the sensor is even in the dark.
★The wireless fish finder supports 196FT(60m) wireless operating range(There is an antenna on the left top of the hand held, please pull it out), 147FT(45m) depth detection. You can go fishing in different ways with it, such as ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, fishing off the shore, kayak fishing or fishing in the night.
★Various features settings: detect sensitivity, screen brightness, depth range, zoom, depth alarm, fish alarm, fish icon, units alter and language choose.
★Both of the wireless fish finder and the sonar are rechargeable. Come with a USB cable for charging. The hand held can last 4 hours with full charge and the sonar sensor can last 10 hours with full charge.



Lucky fish finder is especially designed for amateur and professional fisherman. It can detect the water depth and find out the fish easily. Just enjoy your fishing time!

Detect sensitivity: Lucky fish finder transducer controls how many details shown on the display. You can set up the sensitivity from 1 to 10. The more sensitive it is, the more detailed it can detect.

Fish alarm: An alarm will sound when the portable fish finder detect fish corresponding to the alarm setting. It can distinguish the relative fish size(large, middle and small) in a certain water area.

Units: Four different units from the menu–M/℃, FT/℃, M/℉, FT/℉.

Multi –ways to use:

• Tie the fishing line to the hole of the sonar sensor, and cast it to the water.

• Attach the adapter to the fishing boat hull using the mounting tabs.

• Ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, kayak fishing, shore fishing.

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10 reviews for LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Transducer Sonar Sensor 147 Feet Water Depth Finder LCD Screen Echo Sounder Fishfinder with Fish Attractive Lamp

  1. ginnie

    Working great so far, using in kayak for salt water fishing. Like it works fine in the scrubber hole inside kayak, no need to the to outside kayak. Had to put Mark on sender buttons so I could know which one turns it on.

  2. Dennis E Teel

    I bought this with a little trepidation but as it turns out, it works just fine and as advertised. I did find that if you turn the unit off and back on after you have the sensor in the water, your information is much more accurate. I still haven’t caught many fish but that’s not the problem of the fish finder. 🙂

  3. buzz

    Very useful at finding fish and at what depth they are holding at. I’ve had it out twice at local sports pond. Each time I found fish i caught trout. I don’t care so much about water temperature as I do where fish are and at what depth. Very accurate at finding fish and when there is none got no false readings. How good is this helping you catch more? Very good. Was out on a day that was 55 degrees and 30mph winds. 5 other people were there and only 1 caught 1 fish. I on the other hand caught 3 had 5 to get off and missed 4. My secrect was I knew what depth they were holding at they didnt. So yeah love this product

  4. Tannor Gibson

    Bought this for ice fishing. Does what I need it to do. Works great.

  5. Caden

    Having this guy, the quality of my fishing adventures just went up a notch.It helped me find nice spots the other day, resulting in nice captures.It is very accurate, but it gets confused a little when there are waves.In addition, to be able to get good reading it needs to stay in one spot.Don’t expect to be working good while dragging thru the water.

  6. Kevin S.

    I’ve used this once off a dock. I casted the probe out and I could finally see how deep I’ve been fishing. And the fish when detected let you know at what depth they were at. In a boat you have all that info but are limited when bank or dock fishing. 3 different charging methods and next strap make this a winner.

  7. john sukala

    So far, so good. Took it to the lake just to check it out. All the features and settings worked as advertised. It was easy to use and the readings were accurate. Next time I’m taking it along fishing.

  8. Big Daddy

    I ordered this thinking for the price it wasn’t really going to be THAT GOOD. But after using it this past week on a small pond and on the larger lake it Proved to hold its own. Its not perfect but for the price it works really well and is fairly accurate.

  9. Chuzzle Dee

    I am very happy with product & service.I have tried many portable fish finders. I prefer this best.It’s easy to use, accurate & the I love that a phone is not needed. No phone necessary means nobody can contact me when I fish.It’s working great for ice fishing too.I would like to sample this vendors other products.

  10. Edward W Huff

    Sure, here it is.I purchased this fish finder and I will admit I was sceptical. However, after using it I am extremely happy with it. It functions perfectly. I would recommend that if you are looking for a portable fish finder this is a great product.Ed H

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