Costa Del Mar Men’s Cut Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Coconut Fade/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580P, 60 mm: Costa Del Mar

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Made in US
Costa’s 580 Polycarbonate provides high clarity, impact- and scratch-resistance along with lightweight all day wear-ability.
Green Mirror Polarized enhances vision and contrast, great for fishing inshore and on flats.
Costa’s co-injected bio-based nylon frame material, TR-90, is both tough and durable, while offering a comfortable fit.
Costa case and cleaning cloth included to keep your Costa’s safe while you are getting after it
If your Costa eyewear has a defect in materials or workmanship, Costa will fix or replace them to get you back on the water. Refer to Costa’s Limited Warranties for detailed information.

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Great Fit & Amazing Comfort

Sometimes, a small break in the shoreline is just the right place to wait for fish to come through. And when you’re wearing these classically-styled sunglasses, made of a tough nylon and featuring integral hinges, it’s a heck of a lot easier to put your line right where you want it.

Costa’s co-injected bio-based nylon frame material is both tough and durable, while offering a comfortable fit. TR-90 nylon is a premier material for sports and performance frames as it is resistant to heat and cold. Though it is flexible, it is still durable. Nylon is easily molded into Costa’s iconic wraparound shape.

  • Fit: Large
  • RX-Able
  • Bio Resin


580G – Lightwave Glass

Costa’s most high tech lens – glass provides the most superior clarity. Costa’s encapsulated mirrors (between layers of the glass) are scratch-proof. Costa’s glass lens is 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the industry’s average polarized glass lens while still blocking 99.9% of glare.

580P – Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the lightest and most durable lens material option. Providing high clarity, impact resistance and light weight all day wear-ability. The C-WALL molecular bonded mirrors provide the most scratch-resistant and smudge-free barrier, repelling water, oil, and sweat for easier cleaning.


Polarized lenses are essential for anyone who spends time outdoors – especially on the water. But, not all polarized sunglasses are created equal. Costa is 99.9% polarized, providing the best efficiency available so that reflective glare is blocked-reducing eye strain and headaches.


Costa’s mirrors are more than an aesthetic and a necessity in harsh sunlight. Made through a high-tech ion beam deposition process, these multilayered thin film coatings make for the most scratch-resistant mirrors out there.

Lens Color Blue Mirror Green Mirror Gray Silver Copper Mirror Copper Silver Sunrise Mirror Description Best for bright, full-sun situations on the open water and offshore. Enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on flats. A good everyday choice for activities on water and land. Well-suited for stream fishing and other environments with varying light. Cuts glare for eye comfort in a variety of situations, from sight fishing to driving. Extended wear lens. The perfect tool for dusk and dawn performance. 580 Glass ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 580 Poly ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Light 10% Light Transmission 10% Light Transmission 12% Light Transmission 12% Light Transmission 12% Light Transmission 30% Light Transmission Optimal Usage Boating, fishing in deep water, on open reflective water, in harsh sun Sight fishing in full sun, high contrast All-around activities, natural contrast Excellent for sight fishing, everyday activities, most versatile, cloudy days Sight fishing in variable light and water conditions, everyday activities, driving, high contrast, variable light Activities during sunrise/sunset, heightened contrast, low light/overcast conditions

Additional information

Lens Width

60 Millimeters, 60.6 Millimeters


Blackout/Green Mirror-580p, Blackout/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580g, Blackout/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580p, Blackout/Grey Polarized-580g, Coconut Fade/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580p, Coconut Fade/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580g, Coconut Fade/Grey Polarized-580g, Honey Tortoise/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580g, Honey Tortoise/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580p, Honey Tortoise/Grey Polarized-580p, Matte Atlantic Blue/Gray-580g, Matte Gray/Blue Mirror-580p, Matte Gray/Gray-580g, Matte Gray/Green Mirror-580p, Matte Grey/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580g, Matte Tortuga Fade Silver Mirror, Matte Tortuga Fade/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580g, Matte Tortuga Fade/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580p, Squall/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580g, Squall/Green Mirror Polarized-580p, Squall/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580g, Squall/Grey Polarized-580g, Squall/Silver Mirror-580p

10 reviews for Costa Del Mar Men’s Cut Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Coconut Fade/Copper Green Mirrored Polarized-580P, 60 mm: Costa Del Mar

  1. Matthew Johnston

    I wanted a pair of polarized glasses for fishing and I have always bought cheap but decided to spend the extra money. As soon as I put them on I could tell the difference in the lenses. I might even buy another pair

  2. MikeWright

    This is great size frame for slightly smaller faces and a good cross-over fishing/recreational glasses. If you are going to be out on the flats all day in full sun scanning for bonefish, this is NOT the frame you want since some sun does creep in to your peripheral vision. But the green/honey lens is super sharp and has great definition to see fish in the water.

  3. Guy DeZarn

    Greatest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned…fashionable, durable, comfortable and, if I could think of another superlative that ended with ‘able,’ I’d add it here.

  4. C. Anderson

    Love Costa’s customer service and how quickly they respond to issues. Whether repairs or warranty work, they always come through. The glasses themselves are also great and there are tons of choices of frames and lenses. Have worn so many brand names over decades and I’ll stick with Costa!

  5. James Rainwater

    Same high quality sunglass I have come to expect from Costa, the same as my three other pairs of different styles. Important to note this is a wayfarer frame that is more straight up and down than a wrap frame that curves and hugs the high cheek bones…so not ideal for serious outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, snow etc. But perfect for driving and more casual activities. I was concerned about a review or two I read about them being flimsy, glad it didn’t stop my purchase…as I find the thinner wayfarer frame to be more flexible (not flimsy or cheap) versus my other rigid Costa wrap styles. While I love my wraps for better over all protection from glare, wind and other elements for more intense activities, these wayfarer shades are better suited, and by far more comfortable, for some of my more leisurely activities. I really like the coconut fade coloring….which has a section of the frame completely brown fading into a tortoise mix, very cool and not a common color scheme the other vendors offer. Lenses clarity is impeccable and so far are issue free from daily use. My other Costa styles that are geared towards fishing are problematic while driving my boat or car or while in other areas where I need to look at devices or in a slightly shaded area due to the extreme polarization….they are too good!! If the wayfarer style is your preference, then these are excellent shades that significantly reduce glare and direct sunlight and at the same time are stylish, lightweight and great for daily activities.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Love these glasses, I payed $100 more in the store for these same glasses, lost them kayaking, found these and they are exactly the same!!

  7. Nashville Nancy

    Great price on my favorite sunglasses. I have three other pairs of the Costa Del Mar Cut. These look exactly like the others including the case and cleaning cloth. Since Costas have a program to send in old glasses and get repairs for a good price, these might have been sent in and refurbished. Not that it makes any difference to me. They look brand new!

  8. DJ

    When I first got these I wasn’t sure. I have a big head but the sunglasses still looked large, and my son thought the color was a little feminine. I tried some other colors of the same style, and found myself liking these the best. Now I love the glasses. I think originally it was hard to get me head around the high cost of these, but once I got past that I judged the glasses on their own merit and I really like them.

  9. Joshua G.

    These were my absolute favorite sunglasses for a long time. They made it through many adventures across lakes, rivers, mountains, and college parties. The glass lenses took the extended punishment with ease as did the frame.I paired them with some black chums for a sleek look. 

    Chums 5mm Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer, Black

    Unfortunately, I lost them at the Dave & Busters in San Antonio, Texas.I’ll miss you my dear glasses. My significant other recently helped me replace them with a similar but slightly lighter and more comfortable model, the Costa Jose.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very superior vision clarity

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