RUNCL Spinning Fishing Reel RORAIMA 3000, Fishing Reel – Affordable Performance, Consistent Operation, CNC-Machined Spool, Braid-Ready Spool, Ergonomic Handle – Freshwater Fishing Spinning Reel

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Affordable Performance: RUNCL RORAIMA spinning reel continues its reign of dominance with affordable performance in the fishing field, offers reliability and smoothness with a price that brings a smile at check out
Consistent Operation: NCTM (No Clearance Transmission Mechanism) solid pinion gear, 7+1 precise ball bearings, stainless steel main shaft and sealed triple-disc drag system in RUNCL RORAIMA spinning reel, delivers consistent retrieve and smooth operation
Braid-Ready Spool: Fitted with metal braid grip on the spool, which is angler friendly and ready to prevent braid from slipping, eliminates the need for a monofilament backing or tape
CNC-Machined Spool: RUNCL RORAIMA is constructed with CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool, helps to spread fishing line properly all over the spool, minimizes line twist for effortless casting
Ergonomic Handle: Equipped with ergonomic handle and oversized EVA knob, provides a superior grip and keeps your hands comfortable during a long fishing trip

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baitcasting reel
baitcasting reel

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10 reviews for RUNCL Spinning Fishing Reel RORAIMA 3000, Fishing Reel – Affordable Performance, Consistent Operation, CNC-Machined Spool, Braid-Ready Spool, Ergonomic Handle – Freshwater Fishing Spinning Reel

  1. Joe P

    What a reel for the price! I took this reel out the other day and even though I did not catch anything (first time out with this reel), I loved the way it performed. Super smooth action and felt very sturdy. I wish I’d have something on the line to know how it performed reeling something in but I am confident it will. I’ll update this if the next time I take it out.Bottom line, for the price, you can’t beat it!

  2. Randy Yarbrough

    I put this on a croppie rig I was setting up and it works wonderfully! It is very smooth reeling and simple to adjust the drag while in use. It holds quite a bit of line and cast great! All of that said, this is a beautiful reel, If I had seen it in person first I would’ve expected to pay a lot more for it!

  3. Dustin

    I have caught multiple species on this reel and I love it so far. Super smooth casting and reel action and the drag system works great. Great reel with a great price. Highly recommend

  4. Tsab Haysing

    This is probably my best spinning reel ever owned. I mated it with a 7″ Berkley Amp spin rod. I have been using my Daiwa spinning reel I bought from walmart. I paid the same price as this Runcl spinning reel. This Runcl beat my Daiwa by far. I couldn’t believe this whole time I been using a below subpar reel until I tried the Runcl 3000 reel. It blew my mind, I didnt expect it was this great of a reel for the price. This Runcl reel first fish caught was a 18 inches halibut and it took it like a champ. It can cast a mile and is far smoother than my daiwa. The bail lock out has no free play and that’s exactly what I wanted. I would buy again when I need a smaller size reel for crappie fishing. Highly recommended if you are new to fishing and want a decent spinning reel to start with or just simply want an upgrade to your old spin reel.

  5. Hunter

    I purchased this reel after I had bought another reel of the same brand since I liked it so much. I got the 3000 series so I can use it for a mono setup for panfish and trout fishing. The reel is perfect for me and is just what I wanted, it holds the perfect amount of line, the drag is great and the reel is very light weight. I have yet to catch a trout on it but I will soon! The reel seems very sturdy and I even dropped it on some rocks along the river, I think it will hold up great for what I’m doing with it.

  6. John Ward

    This reel is awesome. It’s light but very solid..I paired it with some Runcl 25# powerbraid and the cast is smooth and your lure goes a country mile..It has the feel and performance of a reel costing 2-4 times as much… total score..great job RUNCL!!

  7. Amr

    I decided on this reel after looking on Amazon for an affordable, and reliable reel for my secondary ocean pole. Let me say, that this reel really did exceed my expectations.Right off the bat, from opening the box, I was surprised by the packaging the reel came in. Very sturdy, comparable to the packaging that my Shimano reels came in. Once I opened the box, I was able to get my first glance of my new reel, and the extra spool that came with it(which is very impressive since most well-known companies don’t even come with a second spool). The reel does say it is lightweight, but being the 5000 series, it seemed to have a little more heft. The drag had a satisfying click, which was not too loud or too quiet(it was perfect). The reel was very smooth out of the box, but I can’t just review its initial experience. I needed to take it out to test, and I couldn’t wait!Took it out the next day and spooled it up with 30# Braid and put it on my secondary rod. I brought my new rig to my rock fishing spot, which is the perfect way to stress-test the reel. Throughout my little outing, the reel continued to stay extremely smooth. I loosened the drag to act as a strike indicator, and the click was perfectly audible for me and my buddy to hear. I accidentally scraped my pole on the rocks, and the reel wasn’t scaved at all. Casting the reel was also a breeze. By the end of the trip, I was able to easily reel in 3 rockfish and a cabezon.I have to say that this reel was amazing, and I kept forgetting how cheap the reel itself was. Getting this performance for the incredibly low price is unheard of. Amazing quality from an up and coming brand.

  8. larry

    it looks and feels awesome kinda on heavy side like it has more metal then aluminum and plastic but that’s ok I will just use as a freshwater reel : (UPDATE) ok I used it in saltwater and caught my biggest nurse shark ever with it

  9. Anthony Leon

    Just received this but feels solid, especially for the price ($25 for the 3000 size). We have purchased other brands that are based in China (kastking, piscifun, etc) and this reel seems in line with them. It was smooth right out of the package. Haven’t put it to the test yet, but will update this review once we put some hours in.

  10. Jon K

    If you’re looking for a quality reel that won’t break the bank, this one’s for you. I got this because I wanted something that could handle light surf sessions (think barred surf perch) as well as the occasional flatty and this reel definitely does the trick. I know it can handle a lot because I hooked a HUGE piece of seaweed (of course), and was able to wrestle it in using the max drag setting. Now if only I can turn that piece of seaweed into an equally heavy fish…But in all seriousness, this is a NICE reel with a metal casing that’s built to withstand saltwater conditions. I’ll post an update over the coming months to see how it holds up, but for now I’m more than pleased.

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