Penn 1481262 Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater Reel, 4500 Reel Size, 6.2: 1 Gear Ratio, 40″ Retrieve Rate, 6 Bearings, Ambidextrous

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  • IPX5 Sealed body and spool design
  • CNC Gear™ technology
  • HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers
  • 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system
  • Full Metal Body
  • Superline Spool
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Sizes 2500-5500 have automatic bail trip
  • Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it gets hit with a wave, or you let it ride in the spray all the way home, you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system. Our HT-100 drag washers are housed in a fully sealed spool to give the stopping power needed for big saltwater fish. A Full Metal Body and sideplate keep the CNC Gear System in precise alignment under heavy loads. Available in standard, Live Liner, Long Cast and Bail-less models.

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10500, 2500, 2500LL, 3500, 4500, 4500BLS, 4500LL, 5500, 5500LC, 6500, 6500BLS, 6500LC, 6500LL, 7500, 7500LC, 8500, 8500LL, 9500

10 reviews for Penn 1481262 Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater Reel, 4500 Reel Size, 6.2: 1 Gear Ratio, 40″ Retrieve Rate, 6 Bearings, Ambidextrous

  1. Jeff E

    I’ve caught slot Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, and Flounder on this Spinfisher VI 2500 reel. Plenty of drag and line capacity for just about everything you’ll catch inshore or nearshore in Florida, including Bonnethead Sharks.One of the major selling points for me was IPX5 rating. It doesn’t take much saltwater to start corroding parts, so keeping saltwater out and grease/oil in was a big selling point for me. These reels aren’t cheap, so I want them to last.

  2. Mark

    Great reel. I use the live liner feature for surf fishing and it works great. Engage the live liner drag while in the sand spike and after a strike, start reeling and the normal drag engages. Much easier than my Battle ii where the drag is set light in the sand spike and after a strike you fumble tighten the drag to fight the fish. Word of warning, forget to set the live liner while in the sand spike and if a ray or shark strikes, you’ll be chasing the rod down the beach. I also like that the new Spinfisher VI is sealed; no matter how careful you are, reels get wet at the beach.

  3. Trevor Piper

    I truly love this reel (7500lc). It casts a country mile which is critical for surf fishing or from shore in general. My experience with the spinfishers is much better durability to salt compared to the battle and fierce series. I have owned the lesser 2 models and the salt destroys them in 2-3 years. My spinfisher 5 I bought years ago is still ticking like it’s new. Much better seals and components. Much better value to longevity. Spend the extra $$$ and get a reel that will last ages, so long you don’t lose it to a monster while your back is turned 😂.The reel is also smooth as silk. The only complaint I have is that you have to close the nail by hand. It will not close by turning the crank, not the 7500 series and up anyway. This wasn’t an issue with the smaller models.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I waited 30+ years for Penn to offer a small, lightweight, bail less reel.Was it worth the wait?? Yes and No!First the good: Great looks, good price, excellent drag, and perhaps the best line lay of any reel I have ever owned. The reel is very smooth making it a pleasure to use. Penn has outstanding customer service and parts are readily available at reasonable prices.The build quality is very, good for the price, and should last for decades of heavy use..My issue with the reel is that it may be over engineered and too smooth… if the handle is between 11 and 3 o’clock during casting the rotor turns and the line catches the roller. Penn’s recommended fix was to pack the reel with grease.This recommendation did solve the problem, but exposed another issue. The seal for the side plate is a very thin,fragile gasket. It tore when I removed the side plate to add the grease. The gaskets are available and inexpensive so I purchased several for future use. The reels 6.2 gearing a little high for fighting large fish in the surf.I do recommend this reel. In my opinion it is a good option for most fishermen. Penn’s line lay and drag are better than my Van Staal.Penn’s excellent customer service is also a huge Plus

  5. D. T. Henderson

    I have eight different Penn Reels. First bought in 1982 a SS 320, now I trust Penn Reels as they have given me great service in every type of fishing one can do. In shore ,near shore , boat etc. Never have any ever failed me. I do take very good care of my reels tho. As ya should with yers no matter the brand. There are a lot of very good reels out there . For ” MY ” money tho I want Penn brand. My SS320 only cost $ 55.00 (?) My newest ( 2 years now ) Light reel a SS 2500VI , cost $ 140.00 ! Same size ,just 6th generation . Even they are no longer made in the ” U S A ” , they are still the best for the money. Thank you, Tom Daytona Beach, FL.

  6. Matthew Clark

    I haven’t fished with this reel, yet, so I can’t speak on how it performs. However, I did want to say that I am quite impressed with this hardware (I got the 4500 live liner). It’s very solid, very smooth, and I’m sure it will perform just fine.The most significant influences on purchasing this reel was the all-metal body and the IPX5 rating. All of my fishing is done wading in the bays along the gulf coast, and sometimes I’ll get waist-deep or more. It’s nice to know that the occasional dunk in the saltwater won’t ruin my reel (until I can rinse it off with fresh water, of course).It might be several months before I can get down to the coast to fish for redfish, flounder, and trout, but with this new hardware, I’m surely looking forward to it!

  7. Steven wilfing

    I bought the 4500 size for my eight foot st. croix triumph rod, I’ve had the reel for about three months now and I have been the crap out of it. I’ve probably caught at least a hundred blue fish including ten over 15 pounds. The drag is very smooth and handles big fish beautifully. On one outing I accidentally dropped my reel in the water, this didn’t seem to affect the reel in anyway.

  8. K.K

    I got size 4500. As everyone knows, this is a reel with excellent seal against water or/and sand with outstanding drag power!! Many of the review online mentioned about the weight of this reel is heavy. But I haven’t feel it is way too heavy to throw lures all day long. Probably it has to do with way I cast, I use the weight of the reel to cast, and this size 4500 is smaller side of Spinfisher vi. Anyway, I highly recommend this one to both beginners and veterans.

  9. premdas25

    I love it! Biggest fish i’ve landed on this reel has been 30 inch stripper, from the beach!!I picked up the 4500 Spinfisher vi, spooled it with 20lb power pro V2 and rigged it on a 7ft MH St Croix mojo inshore rod. I bought it to surf cast for schoolie strippers and bluefish. I throw .5oz –1.5oz lures with this set up. I have fished this set up 4-5 days a week for 4 months with no failures. My only advice for potential owners of this Penn reel and all Penn reels is, don’t over spool Penn reels.I own many Penn reels (battle 2’s, spinfisher V’s and slammer’s) If i had to pick my favorite line it’s now the Spinfisher VI !!!!

  10. MC

    I have used spinning reels for over 50 yrs bass fishing and I’m not gentle with my equipment. I own a 3500 and have been using hard for a few years and it has always performed. I recently purchased the 2500 and I’m liking the smaller size and lighter weight. Penn has got a real winner in the Spinfisher line…a little heavier than most but the quality and performance is stellar….Thanks for making quality reels

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