Penn 1403983 Slammer III Spinning

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The PENN Slammer III is back by popular demand. Built for heavy duty fishing from either boat or shore, and trusted by charter captains all over the world. The Slammer III reels feature our new IP67 Sealed System which keeps water out of the gear box and drag system. We’re also using our updated Slammer Drag System which now utilizes our proprietary Dura Drag material.

10 reviews for Penn 1403983 Slammer III Spinning

  1. Informed Consumer

    This feedback is based on initial assessments as a true review could take months of use. I just got mine last week. But I want to share some info I think is important. It is well built; it is smooth; and it does have a lot of drag. That said, like most things, it isn’t perfect.First off, the elephant in the room…yes, it is the current 7+1 version. Penn stated in a forum post on Stripers Online website that all reels made starting September 2017 were made with the line roller bearing. As you will see from the photo (L18) that mine was manufactured in December 2018, and it IS the 7+1 model. I first purchased one from my local shop and returned it when I found out it was the older model. FYI, the sticker with the code is on the reel after you take off the spool.Pros:1. Well built, including all machined brass gearing2. Well sealed – IPX6 rated. I actually like that there is a 3rd party verification and rating system used here. I am not a fan of Shimano’s “X” ratings and “Core” ratings. It’s just marketing names.3. Smooth drag; I admit I haven’t used it in full practice yet, so take that with a grain of salt4. Smooth action; it is smooth, but not as good when put next to Daiwa. Those are ridiculously smooth. The Slammer feels very slighly geary next to those. But not enough to complain about it.Cons:1. Minimum drag – same complaint as everyone else; you can remove the drag cap and still not go very low. It’s odd. I will say this one I have from Amazon is better than the 2 year old one I initially purchased from my local shop. Drag feels a little lighter. In practice it will likely be fine matched up with the 20 lb braid I’m currently running. According to Tackle Advisors, the minimum he experience was about 1-2 lbs. It feels close to that, but didn’t bother to measure.Value:Well, value is subjective and personal. I will say I think the jump from the Spinfisher VI to this is appropriate. You primarily gain 2 extra bearings, a brass main gear and what I feel is a better handle. If you don’t care about the little extra smoothness from more bearings, and the handle isn’t important to you, the Spinfisher VI is better deal, especially at 6500 and above (where the main gear becomes brass like the Slammer). According to Tackle Advisors, the sealing in the VI (not the live liner models) is the same as the Slammer. In that case, you nearly get a Slammer for 2/3rds the price. For me, I noticed the extra smoothness of the extra bearings, and I like the handle so much better that I was going to put the Slammer handle on the Spinfisher VI anyway. Even with the current cost (as of today) of the Spinfisher VI 4500 at $142 and the cost of the Slammer handle at $65 on Ebay, that’s $207. That’s better than the $250 of the Slammer III 4500…except I got the Slammer III 4500 for $187 on Amazon. Soooo, that’s a no brainer for me.I think I got a good version of a good reel. I think will work perfectly for my inshore Florida needs. And I believe at $187, it is a great value.

  2. jason f.

    I bought this reel based on reviews done by John Skinner and Zeno Hromin of Surfcasters Journal. They pretty much dunked it and Zeno buried in sand. I wanted a good reel and at a great price. Instead I got a Great Reel and Great price. I’d recommend buying this reel for anyone who wants to get into Surf fishing. Best bang for the buck!

  3. Gsyk59

    Love this reel. I had been looking to get a Slammer III for several months however, it was just too much for me. Then one day, this rewl shows up on the “deal of the day” for almost 1/2 off. I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to wind some line on it and head out to try it out..

  4. Amazon Customer

    Reel arrived within 2 days. Packaged exactly as if walked in store to buy. Opened up to find it was well greased and ready to go right out of the box. Everything was as expected, nice quality built reel. Heavy at almost 15oz for a 4500 reel but it’s a Penn Slammer 3. Happy and excited to have added this to my collection of Penn’s. Thanks to Amazon and Penn for making this product obtainable.

  5. MIKE

    I bought the SlammerIII 4500 because it was on sale and it came in 2 or 3 days(good stuff). I put it on a 9′ Lamiglas GSB. It’s my go to rod now. Surf fishing tests your equipment and the Slammer passes that test.Pros: Light, Smooth Drag, Lots of Power for it size, Excellent For Plugging and Surfcasting, Good Looking Reel.Con: The cap on that beautiful machined aluminum knob needs to be Lok-tited on(use the blue). Mine came off while I was fighting a fish and I lost it down in the rocks. I put the rubber knob on and I’m waiting for the replacement cap to come from Penn. It’s like having your girlfriend cut off her beautiful long hair…”It looks great Honey…really.”, but you can’t wait for it to grow back. Blue Lok-tite…BEFORE you fish with it.

  6. tom beck

    Wow sprays off easy and powerful way better than my ole spin fishers and I’m hard core spins fisher guy that fishes salt weekly

  7. Doug C.

    Had a penn slammer from the early 80’s , which was awesome and still kicking till stolen , replaced with the 4500 slammer III, same quality and ruggedness that you would expect from Penn, I love 9n the fla keys and is used quite frequently, so far so good, would recommend and hopefully will never have to replace

  8. Jessica Buiciuc

    I have fished these two reels head to head for over 2 years. The Penn is far better than the Shimano Stradic as far as construction and durability. This reel will not let you down. It has been in the mud, immersed in saltwater many a time and is as smooth as the day it came out of the box. Worth the money

  9. Trevor Piper

    I have no complaints. Love the reel, the handle, everything is wonderful about this reel. Spend the money, the quality compared to lesser Penn models night and day. The spinfisher 6 is a very close 2nd if you are trying to pinch a few pennies. The fierce and battles don’t even come close.


    Small but super powerful my co-fishers say it wont be able to handle a 50 lb yellow tail , I think it will recently ive been surf fishing and submerged it in salt water halibut casting , over and over getting hit with waves in the surf , I wash it off blow dry it and wd 40 it no problems so far so yea id say its a dam good reel .

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