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Arm yourself for the most punishing saltwater battles with the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel. Crafted from durable materials and packed with fish-fighting features, this saltwater reel is engineered to catch fish year after year. From the full metal body, sideplate, and rotor to the five sealed stainless steel ball bearings, each component is designed to help you land your catch. The reel’s HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system leverages both sides of each drag washer to provide maximum drag, and its instant anti-reverse bearing eliminates pullback so you reel without interruption. Additionally, the drag washers are treated with a proprietary grease to ensure long-lasting performance. Suitable for use with Berkley or Spiderwire Superline, the spool is fitted with a rubber gasket that prevents the Superline from slipping under pressure–meaning anglers can use braided line without a monofilament backing. And thanks to its line capacity rings, the spool displays at a glance how much line is remaining.

10 reviews for Penn Battle II Spinning Reel, 3000 : Sports & Outdoors

  1. Florida Amazon Customer

    For the past several years, I have a bought one new Penn Battle II reel and cycled the older reels into the backup pile. I keep coming back to them because the price-point is excellent and they just simply hold up extremely well. We’re not using them for technical fishing or on a charter boat, so they fit the bill perfectly for our needs. The drag and action remain smooth year after year with virtually no maintenance. We use them on for inshore saltwater fishing exclusively. I expect to buy another one next year, and another and another…

  2. Hanna JBauer

    If your looking for a reel that can go anywhere this is the one. I got this since april and it runs super smooth, ive been going out to fish 2-3 times a week since I got it and it still runs as smooth as when I first got it. It’s super silent when you cast your line. It feels good on rods medium and up. Great job pen.

  3. rizzaman12

    This reel is everything I wanted and more. It retrieval is flawless and it has held up to a 5+ ft shark that hooked my line. I love the braid ready strip which has held my spiderwire stealth 30lb braided line well. I went to a live bait shop at Myrtle beach and this reel on the ugly stick is what the owner had in the store for sale and what the owner stated he uses on his charters. I have the 3000 and it is the perfect combo reel. I use this for mainly freshwater and trips to the beach. I highly recommend this reel.

  4. Kenny

    I snagged this reel during cyber Monday for a great price. The battle II is built like tank. While heavy, the full metal construction is built to last.My favorite feature is how the handle is actually hooked to the reel. Most reels have a plastic knob that you screw on to the end of the reeling lever allowing you to switch from right hand retrieve to left handed. I have had a few break on me and I always notice some play in the reel, as these nuts tend to come loose over time. But the battle 2 solves this by having the handle actually screw into the mechanism. When you reel down, it actually tightens up, so there is no way for it to come loose during a fight. I love this feature. If you can’t picture it, go check out a YouTube video.Overall, if you’re looking for a good, durable reel give the battle II a shot!

  5. I was not paid to write this review.

    I’m experienced with fresh water fishing but not familiar with surf fishing at all. I bought the 3000 series for $109.Once or twice a year me and the boys go camp at Assateague Island to meet nice people, drink, and cook food over fires. This year I wanted to fish, but I’ve never gone surf fishing before. After looking up all my materials to purchase I went fishing. I wanted to make sure I had a dependable, quality reel because I will be surf fishing now aside from just my regular fresh water fishing. Down in Assateague you’re catching Blue Fish, Drum, Trout, Bass, Croaker, so nothing I’m catching is likely to exceed 30 pounds. This reel felt capable. I didn’t worry about the reel whatsoever. I had more concern over the line I was using and how my rod was going to hold. All of my equipment came through, but for this review: the reel came through.For any beginners out there that know you’re going to be fishing consistently, I’ll say this: You don’t need the most expensive, top-of-the-line products to fish. But don’t cheap yourself out of quality equipment for the right price. If you’re going to continue to fish, I recommend this Penn Battle II 3000 spinning reel. I’ll provide updates when applicable.

  6. harmonicabob

    I have used this reel for 2 years. I am not gentle with this reel. I have not rinsed her faithfully with fresh water. I have been ruthlessly demanding of this reel. I have caught hundreds of hungry striped bass in shallow water, on top water lures, with swim shads, buck tails and jig heads with soft plastics, bottom fishing with fresh bait and jigging with lures in deeper water. This reel is very forgiving……….

  7. D.G.

    The reel is so tight, winds perfectly, and cast farther than any spinning reel I own. It sounds corny but it’s a real pleasure to fish with and the drag is amazingly smooth.No question in my mind, and I research EVERY purchase to death, (drives my wife and friends nuts but they’re always impressed by the outcome), this IS the best most durable reel in this price range you will find ANYWHERE, and AMAZON has the best price and support you’ll find. Fast delivery, incredible quality and at an amazing price.

  8. Eric G.

    Good product for the money. I got the 3000 and it’s smooth and reliable. I’ve had it for a year or so and paid $50 for it here on Amazon. They have rizen the price a lot but it’s still a good value even at $70. This is the lowest-end real I’d buy but having said that, if this was my only real I’d be perfectly happy. Far superior to those $30-40 plastic reals.

  9. Larry Sockwell

    My first nice spinning reel. I couldn’t ask for a better reel. I’ve used more expensive ones but this is the best for the money, and among the best period, that I’ve ever used.

  10. Berenice A. Carstetter

    Great value, seems almost overbuilt with its weight, but that’s a good thing in my opinion. I use the 3000 with a 6.5 medium action for wade fishing. It handled a nice 20.5” trout as it’s first official bite and retrieved beautiful. Highly recommend for saltwater use.

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