Penn 1338217 Battle II 2500 Spinning Fishing Reel

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$149.99 $119.99



  • Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor
  • HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers
  • 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant Anti- Reverse bearing
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • Superline Spool
  • Line Capacity Rings

The PENN Battle II offers attractive cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag as just a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment. With the Superline Spool™, no backing is needed because of the rubber gasket that keeps

10 reviews for Penn 1338217 Battle II 2500 Spinning Fishing Reel

  1. Sunbae

    Okay for some reason, Amazon sells these Battle IIs for a rather hefty discount of more than 20 bucks. I picked up a size 2500 and use it for small reds, speckled trout and flounder. It works remarkably well and it is a little heavy compared to my Stradic Ci4, but I don’t care if my Battle gets banged up on the rocks I wade in since it’s a lot more rugged (and cheaper!). Solid, solid reel for the price, especially Amazon’s price. Just remember to clean and service it well if it gets dunked under saltwater.

  2. Kayla

    I own 3 Battle 2’s because they’re worth it. They’re made to last, you feel the quality I’m your hands the second you pick it up. I don’t believe in “all around fishing” reels, but a 3000 is close.

  3. Amazon Customer

    These are the best reels I have ever Purchased! I use them for fresh water fishing. The drag on these reels are top of the line. I will be buying more of these!

  4. Jay

    Love this reel, but not entirely as advertised. Mine came with the reverse switch(I do not like the reverse switch – one more thing to go wrong and more complicated to rebuild) the pics did not show the reverse but it came with it anyways. I do still recommend this reel, it is awesome.

  5. John

    I bought a pre opened box which so far has been a great deal as I saved around $20. The reel showed no signs of use as there were no nicks or worn paint. This reel truly is all metal as even the reel knob is made of metal which is uncommon. Casting and retrieving with this reel is very smooth and I highly recommend this product.

  6. Kindle Customer

    I just retired and want to re-take up fishing. All my rods and reels were cheapies from when I had no time to do it right. After retiring, I took all the old reels apart, inspected, cleaned, and greased them all. Still…they were, how do I say this, …weak. Got this reel yesterday, haven’t fished with it yet, but even just trying it “dry,” it’s a vast, vast improvement over the Wallie World reels I’ve used in the past. Mostly, I feel I can trust it.

  7. Christopher Croom

    I used this to replace a Daiwa that is getting harder and harder to crank after being used in one of the harshest environments for reels I’ve ever fished in. The Battle II has held up far better and longer, and the sealed bearings make a big difference. I think I’ve caught close to 50 fish with it already, and the drag has always been smooth. Great for fluorocarbon line!

  8. Ralph Doellman

    don’t forget to set the drag! other then my forgetful self, a grate product. quality built. all metal body. definitely a grate reel for a big boy rod. put a way the Walmart junk and joint the big kids. I will buy this agin.

  9. Trikworm

    Bought these for my father because I got tired of home rusting away nice shimano reels inshore fishing! Not the reels fault lack of care! These reels have managed to stand up to neglect and minimal love they seldom even get a freshwater rinse but are holding up physically and mechanically after a year and a half…time will tell but great so far!

  10. Desi-man

    It’s a Penn so the quality is there. I really like the 2500 for speckled trout fishing. I throw jig bait with 10 lb mono. I like the 2500 for this better then the 2000. Glad they added this size to the line up

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