Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26″ Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed

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$99.04 $69.99

  • Lightweight design with one piece graphite frame and side plates

    4 stainless steel ball bearings

  • Power Disk system
  • MagTrax brake system boosts range and accuracy of casts
  • Compact bent handle and recessed reel provide an ergonomic grip
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  • Lightweight design with one piece graphite frame and side plates
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Power Disk system
  • MagTrax brake system boosts range and accuracy of casts
  • Compact bent handle and recessed reel provide an ergonomic grip

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10 reviews for Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26″ Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed

  1. Anonymous

    It’s light-weight and feels very smooth during retrieve. I’ve been able to cast backlash-free without slowing the spool with my thumb, with the brake set slightly lower than 50% and the spool tension knob set so the spool is just able to be knocked side-to-side, so it’s great for beginners. I also recently bought a Lew’s Mach II, which was three times the price, and I actually prefer the Black Max. The performance and feel is similar, but the spool seems to be a little more manageable on the Black Max. I haven’t tested the drag much, so I can’t say if it’s good or bad.I’d recommend this reel to anyone, especially those new to baitcasters. The value probably can’t be beat.

  2. K. Barnes

    I haven’t owned a new bait caster in probably 20 years, and haven’t been bass fishing in nearly as long. Sounds like time for a new reel, doesn’t it, lol. I thought so.To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first. Not knowing how to adjust the brakes and tension on the reel. I either couldn’t cast far, or I would birdnest like a son-of-a-gun. I thought maybe it might have something to do with it being the first time I had used braid, too.Nope! After watching a couple of youtube videos about setting the reel, (and a couple about Russians wrecking in the snow), I went out in the yard and tried again. Night and day difference, Long(-ish) casts and no birdnests. As I got more confident in the settings, the length of my casts increased. Now we’re cooking with GAS!I still have an old 5500C at the house somewhere, but those old reels just can’t keep up with the modern technology. I’m glad I stepped up.***As always, I have neither asked for, nor received, any compensation for my review. This is my own, un-biased opinion. (And lots of it!)***

  3. Bmurphy1

    You can crank this thing a mile once you get the brakes to your personal setting. Great reel for the low price point however can feel the difference between this and the $100+ reels if you already own. Great one to start with if you’ve never used a baitcaster before!

  4. JB

    I have more expensive reels, but this Black Max is one great reel for the money! Smooth casting and pretty easy to use. I bought one for my wife for her first baitcaster, so of course I had to get one too. Hers is setup with 14lb big game mono, mine with either 20lb braid or 14lb flouro. For a beginner, set both the tension knob and brake dial on their highest(tightest) settings, then back off the tension knob so that the bait stops when it hits the water when dropped from a foot above. Start casting and backing off the settings on the brake dial until you get a bit of backlash (birdsnest) and then tighten it one mark. You’re all set until you advance far enough to get your thumb involved in braking. Don’t get discouraged if you get birdsnests from time to time, it even happens to the pros.

  5. Mark Dunn

    I’m relatively new to fishing, and this type of reel requires a bit of skill. In other words, there’s a learning curve. But once you have it figured out, it’s well worth the small amount of effort required to get it right. The two different cast-drag settings, one on either side, are easy to maneuver, and the idea is that you set it for your own style of casting. I paid $40 for this reel. You can pay much more for baitcasting reel, but in my opinion, you don’t need to. I paired mine with a 7′ medium-heavy Ugly Stik rod. It is now my go-to reel.

  6. Mike

    Great reel. For the price, you won’t find anything better. Thing runs like a champ. I use it for saltwater mostly.

  7. Shelby

    Love this reel! This is my first baitcaster and I’ve had an extremely easy time getting used to it. I’ve always heard baitcaster reels were difficult to get used to but I’ve had zero birds nests and it’s second hand nature casting with this reel now. The drag, tension, and break mechanisms are easy and fast to adjust. I have it on a 7ft gx2 ugly stik medium heavy with 30lb power pro braided line.

  8. bearmedic

    Like any baitcaster reel, this took some getting used to and plenty of practice. But by the end of the day, I was comfortable putting my lures where I wanted them. Watch a few Youtube videos before you go casting; it will save you a lot of frustration. Be prepared to untangle a few snags on your first day out.

  9. runnerguy

    I’ve been a spinning guy my whole life. When I recently decided to buy my first baitcaster, I went to all the online forums and tried to decipher what I should spend my money on. Well, I quickly found out that if I spent anything less than $150 on a baitcasting reel, it would be a complete waste. I might as well tie a string to a can opener, and fish with that! Fortunately, I’ve been through this before with other hobbies, so I decided to ignore the haters, and spend a measly $40 on the Black Max. And I made the right decision!If you’re a beginner, trust me, the Black Max should be your first baitcaster. It’s smooth, casts far, and has plenty of drag. Sure, it takes some practice to learn how to use a baitcaster. I used cheap mono for a while until I got comfortable with it. But after a few fishing trips, I made the switch to braid, and haven’t looked back! Yes, you will get a few backlashes in the beginning. It’s not as big a deal as you might think. Just start with a tight tension knob, and then loosen it up over time. You’ll pick it up pretty quick.I now have two of these reels. They are on $40 Berkley rods, and guess what? I catch fish! And I mean, a lot of fish! Big fish, little fish, in between fish… they don’t seem to mind that I’m using cheap equipment. My PB is currently 6 lbs, 2 oz, using my trusty Black Max.In all seriousness, if you’re a pro, go ahead and spend the bucks on high dollar stuff. Or if you fish several times a week, I can see investing more. But for the weekend angler, this reel is perfect!P.S. if you are right handed, and you’ve spent your whole life turning the reel on spinning gear with your left hand… buy left handed baitcasters! You’ll thank me later.Update: 4 months later, I now have 3 of these, they’re still awesome!2nd update: It’s been 8 months since my last update to this review. I’ve been using my 3 Black Max reels for everything… Texas rig, jigs, lipless cranks, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits… you name it. All 3 reels are just as smooth and strong as the day I took them out of the box. I’ve performed minimal maintenance, and I’m fairly tough on them. But they are rock solid! If you’re on the fence about this one, don’t be! Just buy one and try it out. But beware, they’re so good, you might end up buying several more!Last update: I thought I would provide one more update… 2 years later! My Black Max reels are still amazing! I haven’t cleaned them, lubed them, or ever taken them apart to work on them. They are still smooth, strong, and work great. Still hands down, the absolute best beginner reel on the market. And experienced guys will love them too!

  10. Don-WWF

    Unbelievable reel for the money. I have a lot of mid to high end reels and so far this reel works just as well. Love it.

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