How to get a Inshore Slam

Inshore Slam

How to get a Inshore Slam

What is Inshore slam…?


A Inshore Slam is catching 3 species within a 24hr period or basically in a fishing trip.

What are the 3 species….?

  1. Snook
  2. Redfish
  3. Spotted Seatrout

What live bait do these species eat…?

  1. White bait…(Greenbacks) (Mojorra)( Threadfins)

2.Pinfish, Shrimp, Mullet , Ladyfish

       What dead bait these species eat….?

  1. Chunk Mullet, Ladyfish, Pinfish

Now let’s attempt to discuss how we go about getting a Inshore Slam.

First of all,  your day will have to began very early as the saying goes the early bird gets the worm. Well here the the early bird gets the fish. Even better then that, today the early bird gets the Inshore Slam. Therefore we are winning.

       Steps to getting Inshore Slam

Being on the water before the sun rises is a well known experience for the avid anglers. I remember as far back as I can, being woke up at 4 am. Getting up and on the road to get the boat in the water to beat the sunrise. A couple great things about this, your usually the first to the bait shop to assure you get bait. Thats if your not getting your own  bait. Also you don’t have to fight for a spot at the boat ramp. Even better yet , you’re the first on the water to be the first to welcome the early rising fish, that are feeding to the break of light.

There’s just something about this experience that never gets old. It makes my heart skip a beat while taking in Therefore indulging the view of the sun coming up on the horizon, over the water. All the birds coming alive and taking off, flying over head rising from roost and the ocean coming alive, as the fish start to feed.


What its all about

This is music to my ears , hearing the explosions of fish feeding . Knowing that I’m about to throw a artificial lure, and entice a predator to bite my lure that replicates a real fish. As if it was a part of nature  in its own habitat. Having that one on one battle between me and an amazing animal that I‘ve grown up loving and chasing my whole life.

The experience of that battle never changes, it’s just as amazing every time. To me this is what my heart beats for this is life. Some love to fish, Some live to fish and that’s what separates those who are passionate about this experience. We all have passion that lives in us, it’s finding yours and feeling it.

So, How to go about crushing this slam….

As the sun rises and the bite heats up, the hungry fish waken to began their journey of feeding for the day. You want to try to knock out the first 2 fish, the Snook and Redfish first thing.

  1. Steps to take to accomplish this Inshore Slam

    Fish the first hr of the sunrise with top water plugs.

The best time of the day for top water will be as the sun comes up and shortly after and roughly an hr or so. Situations can change and won’t always be the same day to day always remember that.

  1. If top water is not yielding results then you will need to try suspending lures, either plugs or paddle tails depending on what you fish. If you do not fish artificial you will just use bait listed above for all of the above species to hit the Inshore slam.
  2. Last But Not least

  3. Follow all guidelines on “How tides affect fish and Everything you need to know about tides” also check out our “ how to catch Spotted Seatrout”  Finally our “Fishing for Snook on piers and docks” and one last , our “The keys to catching more Redfish”   Follow tips as noted in articles the remainder of the day and you should be able to hit your Inshore Slam. Good luck Anglers, Hope to see you out on the water. Always remember a bad day of fishing is still better then a good day at work.
  4. Bent Rods, Tight Lines
  5.                 Best of luck Anglers


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