Top 5 Snook fishing techniques


When experiencing childhood in Florida as a bass fishermen who was addicted, I never thought I’d ever discover a fish that was more charming to seek after than a bass.

Nonetheless, that immediately changed when I got my first snook… which I finished up was basically a bass on steroids that carries on with salt water.

Not exclusively do the two species battle fundamentally the same as (loads of hops, headshakes, and forceful runs), however they additionally have fundamentally the same as taking care of examples.

Be that as it may, following quite a while of seeking after the two species while living in focal Florida, I moved to the coast 12 years back and have been totally dependent on inshore looking for snook, redfish, and trout from that point forward.

What’s more, of the inshore species, snook are my essential concentration because of the way that they keep me associated with my bass fishing methods learned while growing up and they just so happen to be superb warriors and incredible table toll as well.

Subsequent to getting numerous tips and tricks on how to get Snook since finding I thought an article like this that features significant alternate ways to getting snook in Florida would be useful for some saltwater fishermen to build the measure of Snook got every hour of fishing.


Find how to evaluate a territory for taking care of snook

Live bait isn’t a must, but can be used.

Utilize the correct rigging for the conditions

Extravagant boats are not a necessity

Try not to fear fishing in obscurity…

Here are every one of the five:


This is by a wide margin the most significant alternate route of all, and it’s what makes most anglers return home with next to nothing… or simply a measly catfish, which many accept are surprisingly more terrible than discovering nothing by any means.

To have the option to reliably get snook, it is significant to have the option to rapidly evaluate a territory for it potential to be a taking care of ground.

Without this information, a fisherman will burn through huge amounts of time fishing in recognizes that have almost no opportunity of achievement.

Luckily, discovering great Snook taking care of zones isn’t advanced science and doesn’t require an intuition…

Truth be told, you’ll be path on the ball in the event that you essentially center around these 3 straightforward things:




Truly, these three straightforward and simple to recognize factors will altogether assist you with discovering great regions to get snook… even in locales that you’ve never at any point been to.


Snook are predators that like to remain still and jump on a clueless prey, and current altogether encourages them get more food with less exertion… so they regularly stay nearby zones that have current (kinda like how we people get apathetic on occasion realizing that we can essentially go to a drive-through path for food).


Much the same as most  situated species, snook want to stick around structure. What’s more, since they’re in the natural way of life, they like structure for two reasons…

Taking care of station – Just as snook look for insurance from bigger predators by hanging close to structure, well huge numbers of the littler fish that snook feed upon do precisely the same thing.

Security from predators – Yes, even the large snook can fall prey to a greater and quicker predator… most famously dolphin which like them about as much as we do.

On the off chance that one could guess what a snook might be thinking, my supposition is that it is centered around just two by and large goals…

Where would i be able to discover food?

How would I not get eaten by something different?

What’s more, since food is a top idea for these snook, you better accept that they frequently hold near a food source…

So when you don’t perceive any indications of baitfish in a territory that you’re fishing (swells/sprinkles on the water, little pecks at your bait/lure, and so forth.), it’s ordinarily a smart thought to proceed onward to another spot.

Also, to reliably discover snook, it’s ideal to search out spots that have ALL 3 of the recorded things… ebb and flow, structure, AND bait.


In spite of the fact that the TV shows frequently include guides utilizing live bait for snook, it unquestionably isn’t required.

I do a large portion of my snook fishing with artificial lures during the time since it opens up a huge amount of time and vitality in getting live bait.

Truth be told, we settled on a choice to ONLY fish with artificial baits on one of our videos just to prove that fish can be caught with only artificial lures.


What’s more, the weight was on the grounds that we just had 2 days to film in a zone none of us had been to in two or three months, and we truly expected to get a ~20 lb snook…

That’s right, it was gotten from a spot with structure, current, AND lure.

It was a level with a oyster bar and numerous potholes close to it (the two types of structure) that had a lot of current (max active) with bunches of trap on it (mullet, ballyhoo, pinfish, glass minnows, and whitebait).

Everything necessary is coordinating the correct draw to the correct spot… and since we previously secured the spot (current + structure+ bait), presently we simply must have a bait dependent on various blends of those structures.

Which leads directly into alternate way #2… gear suggestions.


As expressed before, getting snook should be possible with utilizing either fake draws or live lure.

What’s more, it’s critical to coordinate our rigging to both the kind of bait/lures we’re utilizing just as the region we’re fishing.

For instance, it would not be functional to utilize a 30 lb pioneer on 10 lb primary line to look for snook in a bay like Sebastian Inlet that has very solid current with heaps of structure (too light to even consider pulling a major fish against the stream around rocks).

In any case, it would likewise not be commonsense to utilize a 40 lb primary line with 60+ lb leader while attempting to get a major snook on artificial bait up on a major grass level with moderate current since it would altogether ruin throwing execution and it would make it extreme to successfully work the lure to  yield a strike.

So the exercise is… Match gear for the Conditions.


Here’s a speedy rundown of conditions I regularly fish with the separate line estimates that I ordinarily use:

Open grass level with moderate current: 10-15 lb plait with 30-40 lb leader

Mangrove line or docks with moderate/medium current: 15-20 lb plait with 40-50lb leader

Quick moving current with structure: 30-40 lb plait with 50-80 lb leader

Note: Click here to see precisely how to tie a pioneer framework for snook.


A snook’s taking care of example, obviously, vacillates consistently and even for the duration of the day as a rule…

The most ideal approach to figure out what lure is ideal to utilize is just utilizing whatever is generally predominant in the zone you’re fishing at that point.

For instance, we facilitated an injured warrior from TX down in southwest FL in March and we found a spot with great current, structure, and ton of pinfish… so we realized that the snook were focused on pinfish taking into consideration us to effortlessly make a pleasant how-to video that incorporated a snook get.

Be that as it may, choosing the perfect live bait for snook isn’t generally that simple to decide so it’s frequently best to get a couple of various kinds to see which one gets the most activity.

Here’s a speedy like of good lures for snook:





Croakers (Atlantic)





Any of these are incredible alternatives, and it’s ideal to coordinate hook size to the size of the lure being utilized… little lure like a shrimp will require an a lot littler hook with a finger mullet.

Live Bait Tip: Hook your bait toward their nose if the ebb and flow is tearing so they seem, by all accounts, to be swimming normally when getting got through the water, and hook bait towards the tail when fishing light momentum so you can guide the fish to swim away from you towards the structure by basically pulling on the line (see model underneath for a live mullet).



I like a  streamline lure choice by classifying alternatives dependent on the holding profundity the snook are holding (and I’ll simply convey a couple for every classification to keep me concentrated on the most significant viewpoints… taking care of profundity and introduction style).

Here are the best baits for snook by profundity class:

Shallow Depth (under 2 ft. of water) – Topwater plugs, soft plastic lures, and hard plastic suspending jerk traps

Mid Depth (2 ft. to 5 ft.) – Jigs, bucktails, swim lures, and little lipped crankbaits

Profound (5 ft.+) – Heavier jigs/bucktails, swim lures, and huge lipped crankbaits

Note: My total most loved approach to get snook is on a hand-made jig…check out our future videos to figure out how to make your own bucktail jigs utilizing things that you may as of now have.


There are a colossal measure of alternatives for poles nowadays… and it can surely be amazing for some fishers and unquestionably can’t be replied in a short post…

So I prescribe heading off to a nearby tackle shop or two to have a neighborhood help you out in case you’re confounded.

Be that as it may, here are the two inquiries ought to be thought of:

Will you fish overwhelming or light current?

Will you utilize live lure or counterfeit baits?

In the event that you feel that you’re answers are towards the initial two choices (substantial current and live trap), at that point getting a solid pole/reel with heavier line is most likely the smartest option.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’ll more probable be fishing light current with counterfeit draws (my undisputed top choice), at that point it’s important to utilize lighter lines with touchy bars that consider better introductions and feel of the bait.


One of the most widely recognized reasons I hear on why individuals don’t fish all the time is that they would go much of the time if just they had a boat… or a more pleasant kayak… or something besides essentially strolling along the shore or strolling to a close by mangrove line.


A basic stroll along a beach on either coast in integral to south FL can be a gigantic chance to get snook from spring right until the finish of fall (and a few spots close to bays/passes can be beneficial in the winter).

The best part is that snook are regularly cruising directly along the edge of the shoreline so there is frequently many sight fishing chances to appreciate.

At the point when sea shore fishing, make certain to remember that snook will frequently be looking into the ebb and flow, so you’ll need to cast up the beach into the momentum so your introduction will be coming towards the snook since that is a similar bearing that they’re anticipating that common prey should be originating from.

What’s more, my proposal for getting snook rapidly is to utilize a little white jig with a red head since it works extraordinary and will hook a huge amount of time and bother contrasted with live lure fishing…

Beach Fishing Tips: Beach looking for snook is best just after the goes up and directly before it returns down. The greatest snook appear to get straight up along the shoreline at elevated tide, and will wander somewhat farther as the water drops. Also, make a point to observe any submerged structure or even the smallest change in height of the shoreline in light of the fact that even the littlest of highlights can be an extraordinary taking care of zone.


Given that it is so natural to store, transport, and keep up a kayak or paddleboard contrasted with a pads vessel, paddle fishing has detonated over the past 10+ years.

Furthermore, it isn’t only their relatively low costs… kayaks and paddleboards are very viable in getting numerous snook given how calm they are alongside the way that they can go anyplace.

The best part is that they present a chance to adequately fish when time is extremely restricted. Truth be told, I used to regularly go previously as well as after work when in the corporate world… and now oftentimes go on long mid-day breaks when the climate is too acceptable to even think about resisting.

Here’s a brisk video indicating the additional experience that oar fishing can bring to the table…


In spite of the fact that snook assuredly feed during the day, they are intended for taking care of around evening time.

The way that they have huge eyes that sit far up on their heads with that extremely recognized sidelong line along its body that can detect development in the water makes them enormous predators around evening time.

What’s more, one of the most famous approaches to target snook around evening time is by fishing around dock or extension lights where snook gather to jump on the numerous baitfish and scavangers that get pulled in to the light.

For fishing lights around evening time, my outright most loved live bait is a live ballyhoo… even the most compelled snook regularly won’t turn that down.

Additionally, any of the live baits referenced above can work incredible as well.

For artificials, it tends to be more troublesome on the grounds that on occasion on the grounds that the prevalence of this kind of snook fishing implies that they have likely observed each bait known to man on various occasions.

So my tip here is to try to cast up current and attempt some recovers that are route quicker than what you typically do in light of the fact that this will regularly trigger a response based nibble.

Significant Note: Make sure you’re exceptionally acquainted with the zone during the day preceding wandering out around evening time and make certain to check all lights and security hardware before going out.

Snook fishing can be a unimaginably fun and remunerating journey whenever done appropriately.

What’s more, as you saw over, the capacity to get snook in Florida doesn’t require an extravagant vessel or any sort of intuition that solitary fishing guides have…

All you have to concentrate on when in look for snook are the 3 basic center highlights:




And afterward make certain to coordinate your apparatus to the zone your fishing alongside the sort of Bait/lure you intend to utilize and realize that you can have a decent possibility of handling a pleasant snook regardless of whether you just have a short measure of leisure time by essentially getting out on the beach either promptly in the first part of the day or late at night with a light pole/reel and a confided in jig.

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