Fishing for Spotted Seatrout

Spotted Seatrout

Fishing for Spotted Seatrout

Time for some Spotted Seatrout fishing, Here we go…!

Spotted Seatrout are a pretty tasty fish, also a very fun fish to catch. You can catch them on various baits, such as live white bait, Pinfish, Shrimp and also various types of lures work as well . Such as paddle tails, jigs ,plugs, top waters and trout rigs.

Where to find Seatrout

You will find trout typically on grass flats ideally in 3’ to 6’ of water. Usually the best way to fish for them with live bait is on a popping cork 2’ to 4’ of space between hook and popping cork. Fish are very curious predators. So when they hear water splashing or popping noises in the water, it attracts them to see what’s going on. They will be attracted to it because it resembles the sound of a feeding fish. So they get curious and want to get in on the action. If there is a fish near by feeding they know there must be bait where they are feeding. So naturally they check it out to get in on the feeding.

 Using a popping cork you want to pop it to make a splash like noise every 15 second or so to attract the fish. You can use this technique on trout rigs and with live bait. Trout are like any predator fish you can find them hunting sand patches also as those are ambush points for them. Typically you will only find trout on nice thick grass bottom areas, as they like to hunt while feeding over grass areas, because bait fish use the grass as cover to try to hide from predators.

What to use to catch Seatrout

 Light to medium action rod and reel is perfect for catching trout. You want to fish the grass flats on high tide and on the falling outgoing tide you want to work potholes, sand patches and any deeper troths and channels fishing upwards of the tide but with the tide to make all your bait look like it is naturally swimming with the current.

There are 3 key things to focus on when fishing for Spotted Seatrout.

  1. Structure… Seatrout preference is ….Seagrass!
  2. Bait……Seatrout preference is… Live White bait “Greenbacks”, “Mojarra”, Pinfish and Shrimp also several artificial lures such as, spooks “top water” paddle tails, plugs, soft plastic shrimp, trout rigs “my best success is white, pink and green” on the trout rigs.
  3. Tides and water clarity… Make sure you have good flowing tides for best results on catching and typically water clarity will increase your odds.

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