All about Tarpon


All about Tarpon


The Tarpon, (Megalops atlanticus)



Different NAMES: Silver King, Sabalo

Description: Green or steel blue above, silver on sides and tummy. Profound, thick body  forked tail. Long trailer at end of dorsal balance.Green or steel blue above, silver on sides. Profound, thick body, forked tail. Long trailer at end of dorsal balance.Large, albeit enormous fish of 100 to 150 pounds. Various in numerous zones. World record 286 pounds, 9 ounces; Florida record 243 pounds.


GAME QUALITIES: Famous for the display and recurrence of its hops. Goliath Tarpon don’t exactly coordinate the tumbling of the littler ones, yet they jump as often as possible enough in shallow water, and with significantly more wrath.

What you need to catch Tarpon

TACKLE AND BAITS: Anglers looking for enormous fish in passes, channels, profound coves and surf zones like bold tackle with lines testing in any event 30 pounds. All sizes of turning, bait casting and fly tackle get loads of play for littler fish. Similar sorts of rigging, in spite of the fact that of heavier extents. Likewise utilized for huge fish on shallow pads. Use at any rate 15-pound line on turning and throwing gear.

In any event a 10-weight fly outfit with least 16-pound scarf. Overwhelming mono filament pioneers or leader are required in view of the Tarpon’s harsh mouth. Float anglers in the passes and deltas lean toward live bait—fundamentally little crabs and little fish.

All Tarpon will take dead bait , for example, a Mullet head or half Mullet, fished persistently on base. For trolling or surf casting with heavier apparatus, enormous dances, spoons and lipped fittings get the call. For the most part, casters appreciate the most accomplishment with swimming fittings, twitch attachments and surface fittings. Fly anglers depend vigorously on scissor-activity plume decorations and massive buck tail decorations.


Casting, Drifting,  Still Fishing, Trolling.

RANGE: All Florida coasts in addition to the Greater Antilles and some other Caribbean islands, including the Virgin and Cayman Islands. Dispersed in the Bahamas, where it is generally copious around Andros yet additionally present somewhere else, including Bimini, the Berry Islands, and the Exumas.

Environment: Fish-able all through Florida in warm months, including the Panhandle, yet grown-ups are to a great extent restricted to South Florida in the winter. Significant fishing endeavors for huge Tarpon are aimed at live-goading in enormous passes, bays, channels and stream mouths all through the state, and at sight-fishing with fly and throwing tackle on shallow pads in the Keys and on the lower Gulf Coast from Homosassa toward the south.

Huge and medium Tarpon additionally,  are found off the beaches and in the surf of the two drifts now and again. Many are hooked from extensions and docks , particularly around evening time. Medium-size fish are normal in an assortment of settings in South and Central Florida. Including freshwater waterways and landlocked channels. Little adolescents possess landlocked channels and docks.


                                      Bent rods, Tight lines

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